This is the motto of the voluntary workers in the board of the Children’s foundation St. Paulus in Buchholz.

You are not living in Buchholz for long, don’t know us, have a child or more children and have financial problems due to various reasons?
Then we, the Kinder-Stiftung, are the right people to contact in case you need financial support for your child/children.
We help children in need, independently on their religion or nationality, to participate in educational, sports, creative,… events and in other special emergencies. The applications can be made via schools, kindergartens, sport clubs, church communities, the family office of the city Buchholz… with the link
The foundation is recognised as a non-profit organisation and receives money from different donations. “It is irreplaceable for our city” (R. Torpus). In the beginning of 2020, we proudly celebrated our 20 year jubilee with many friends and supporters in the “Empore”.

What makes this work, collecting and distributing donations, for voluntary workers that beautiful? We can do something good for children and youth in Buchholz. Everyone can be part of it, this strengthens the sense of community. Happiness and satisfaction of the children are passed on to the adults as well! Moreover, the work in the team makes great fun as we’re all pulling together – everyone in his/her area of responsibility.

Sigrid Simon for the board of the Kinder-Stiftung St. Paulus (Children’s foundation)
Information photography: Daniel Geßner, Sigrid Simon