Hello – Moin,

after a rather long search for a voluntary work, I finally found a post at the Tagespflege (day care) Buchholz (http://www.tagespflege-buchholz.de/https://navigator.landkreis-harburg.de/inhaltsverzeichnis/details/poi-912000298-20100-Herbergsverein_zu_Tostedt_e.V.,_Tagespflege_Buchholz.html) It was a great joy to me, to read to the care-dependent people, to play parlour games with them and laugh together often. Then Corona happened: Out of obvious reasons, I wasn’t allowed to participate anymore.

The measures due to Corona offered a new voluntary work to me, though: As the town library had to be closed, a book delivery service was newly invented. Via my frequent research in the internet, I found the project of the Freiwilligenagentur (voluntary agency) Buchholz (https://fee-buchholz.de/projekte/buecher-lieferdienst/) to establish a book delivery service.
Cycling means a lot to me, in general, and now I can combine it with doing something that I experience as something which has a purpose. The people who I deliver are always happy when I come and bring them the bag with books, games and similar. By that, I can contribute to weaken the effects of the restrictions of the Corona measures. I write a blog about my experiences and what I learn for my life thanks to this work: http://buchbuch.bplaced.net and I invite you to experience how it is to be active for other people.

Best regards
Frank Merla frali.net


author: Frank Merla
Photography: unsplash – Sttom Hermans