Have you been in Holm-Seppensen during spring before?

“Buchholz is also very beautiful, yes, but Holm-Seppensen”… I say to our friends. Have I mentioned that too often in the meanwhile? As our friends are rolling their eyes so strangely recently, when I start enthusing about this topic…

Well, however, Holm-Seppensen in spring is even more beautiful. All gardens are shaking off their winter burdens and start to remember timidly the many colours which are shining so full of hope in this special light. Hoveringly, the people are chatting on the street, while the birds continue to chirp lively after the shocking break and the dogs are pulling impatiently on the leashes. The children can no longer sit quiet as after all these games with thick clothes in winter, it is a relief for growing legs to finally be able to frolic around in light footwear. Children’s laughter fill the soft air and also the spring sun is splashing out and treats the day some more minutes. The fishes in the pond are gently moving in circles, sharply observed by our cat Aphrodite. With a juddering tail, she changes her position, to finally taking account for her age and withdraws lamentingly to the house.

In the meanwhile, my Reinhard, with his Havanna, in the garden pavilion dreams about everlasting warmth and security, for after that welcoming all his awakening plants after the long winter break in an unhurried garden tour.

Not only the days get longer, but also the nights shorter. And the magpies are already waking us up in the morning – as usual. But now are accompanied by the cosy cooing of the pigeons. The green in front of the window gets greener every day and pushes us out of the beds. We have the forest right at our doorstep and so the nature is tempting me for a morning walk to the lake at the Seppenser mill. I follow the sound of the cuckoo around the lake and ask myself repeatingly in a singing voice: “Cuckoo, tell me – how long will I still live!”

The time seems to stand still and I’m pacing through eternity.

It could forever stay like that…

author: Angelika-Jette Mordek

photograpy: unsplash, Daiga Ellaby