A bit hidden at the train station in Buchholz, the ambulatory care service from the Johanniter has its office. White cars with the characteristic red Johanniter logo park in front of the door – and behind the door, clients and relatives find a calm and inviting atmosphere. The heart of the institution is the care service leader Natalie Bienert. Ten years ago, the 45 year old woman started her work in the at that time rather small institution. Together with her colleagues, she expanded it more and more. In the meanwhile, the care service has around 180 clients in the daily care. Several town parts, Nenndorf, Bendestorf, Holm-Seppensen, Sprötze, Trelde, Kakenstorf und Drestedt, are covered by almost 50 caregivers who visit clients there. “Besides the normal nursing activities, we offer consulting service and wound care and can also implement a palliative care at home”, explains Natalie Bienert.

nursing service management
Natalie Bienert

More than 70 percent of the employees are already working for years at the care service in Buchholz. And this is not without reason: “We’re not only having a cooperation between colleagues, we’re also living it. When a colleague from the next village has a problem, then another directly covers in order to support her”, says the care service leader.

According to her, the particular of the work in the ambulatory care is the close connection to the clients: “As we have firm tours, we can build up relations more easily. The care taker knows her/his clients and discovers every change thoroughly.” It is very important for her to listen to the clients properly during the treatment in order to form an image, if he or she is really doing well. She, Mrs. Bienert, also knows that many seniors feel lonely these days: “Often, we are the only social contact. Due to that, it happens for some clients that our flowers for the birthday or at Christmas are the only gifts they receive”, says Natalie Bienert.

author: Natalie Bienert

photogrphy: Sonja Schleutker-Franke