Is there any better in daily life than fleeing from the routine? No, nothing! Just going outside and galloping over rough and smooth. Obviously, this is also possible in our beautiful Buchholz.

Foto: Sascha Greve Photography

Foto: Sascha Greve Photography, ride in Holm-Seppensen

I like being on the paths with my two Iceland horses and enjoy the time: in the heath, in the forest or the splashing in the stream. There is a lot to discover and furthermore a great amount of horse ranches and barns in the environment; naturally, as we are living in Niedersachsen, the county of the horse. It is beautiful to have the possibility in a town to visit nature any time and fell free.

One of my horses is even a real Buchholzer, breeded by family Müller on a ranch for Iceland horses in Seppensen and suitably named Prince of Seppensen. We love to experience great adventures together.

author: Kim N. Butz

photography: Sascha Greve Photography