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We welcome you on the journey through Buchholz! Short visits in the colourful daily life of the people in Buchholz are expecting you. You are invited to a peculiar autumn walk, a bike tour or a horse ride through the region with impressing, popular and secret favourite places. You’re right here for daily life hints and anecdotes from Buchholz…

Due to illness-related cancellations, the missing posts will be added piece by piece on this page in the coming weeks.
So please check back if the post you are looking for cannot be found today!
Thank you for your understanding.

My favourite place…

My favourite place… …is the „Waldhuuske“* in summer The best is to ride there by bike. You will need about 45 minutes and can then fully relax yourself. Sitting in the outer area, you have a wonderful view on meadows, fields and forest; in the inside everything is renovated, elegant and unobtrusive. You may receive […]

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Musical Stage Buchholz e.V.

SINGING I ACTING I DANCING MUSICAL STAGE BUCHHOLZ is a young association and stands for big entertainment, varying concerts and shows, complete musical productions and for versatile music theatre culture in Bucholz in the Nordheide. In our club, different cultural associations, groups and choirs are melting together to a potpourri. Professional and semi-professional performers and […]

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Spring in Holm-Seppensen

Have you been in Holm-Seppensen during spring before? “Buchholz is also very beautiful, yes, but Holm-Seppensen”… I say to our friends. Have I mentioned that too often in the meanwhile? As our friends are rolling their eyes so strangely recently, when I start enthusing about this topic… Well, however, Holm-Seppensen in spring is even more […]

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When streets are reconquered – Full closure of the 82

It was a special pleasure, when the street 82 was fully closed for one weekend and the kids drove it up and down with their scooters, litte Puky bikes or inline skates. It was really lovely to see how the little ones reconquered the usually “forbidden” street as their playing area. My daughter: “Daddy, why […]

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