variety of clubs

An especially impressing feature about Buchholz and the region is the great variety of clubs and associations! From sports to music and culture over commitment for nature and disadvantaged people is a colourful impression of a club life. You are looking for a new hobby, an extraordinary leisure activity? Then you’re absolutely right here in order to discover the life in clubs and associations with the aid of the contributions in this chapter.

Due to illness-related cancellations, the missing posts will be added piece by piece on this page in the coming weeks.
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Blau-Weiss Buchholz

Blue-white Buchholz – Sports centre barrier-free at the Holzweg Blau-Weiss as the biggest sports club in Buchholz probably offers the widest range with its 43 different sport disciplines from aerobic to zumba. In the health area: from spine sports to yoga and from the “ambulatory heart group” to disabled sport. Furthermore, we have five different […]

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The German Life Rescue Community, location Buchholz

Typically, we are between 5 and 80 years old and happened to join the DLRG because we brought a child to the training to gain the seahorse swimming badge and then were hired as a helper; because it is family tradition to be in the DLRG or because friends invited us. Our activities in the […]

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